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Advertisement-Tread Lightly

Tread Lightly
Membership Dues Increase (sort of): New Members=$50, Renewing Members=$30
Greetings members and potential new members!

The issue of membership dues for new members / renewing members / past due members has been brought up frequently by the outgoing council, and the new council has decided to follow up on their predecessor's recommendations (in full accordance with the club Bylaws: Article III, Section 6)


  • New Member dues
    The first year dues will increase from $30 to $50. Membership renewal dues ($30), will be due on the anniversary of their membership enrollment date.
  • Renewing Members
    Great news! Renewal dues will remain at $30/year, and should be remitted on or before the anniversary of your membership.
  • Lapsed Members
    Members who have lapsed in their membership and are more than [i]three months[/i] past due will be assessed a $20 late fee, putting them back at $50 for that year. The renewal dues will then return to $30/year thereafter, unless there is another lapse in payment.
I believe I have also finally remedied the problem where an 'lapsed' member could not log in to renew their membership. Unfortunately, it means more work for the Membership Chair (Chad) and the web site guy (me), but it will make things easier for our renewing members.

If you're thinking of becoming a member, I'd recommend doing it before October 1st, so you can attend the Members Only BBQ being held October 3rd - 5th! See you on the trail!

2014/15 Council
Call for Council Nominees (2014/2015 term)
Interested in serving on the AZLRO council? This could be your chance!

The current council's term is scheduled to end June 30, 2014.

If you are interested in serving on the council, please throw your hat in the ring. It's a great opportunity to help shape the club and provide direct input.

We have some council members who will not be running for the 2014/15 term, so there will be both open seats besides the possibility of council members re-running.

One of the main positions on the council is that of Treasurer, and our current Treasurer of over 2.5 years, James Howard, is stepping down after doing a great job. While it's not stated explicitly in our bylaws, it definitely helps if we have a person who is willing to be Treasurer for 2 terms (it should be known, however, that the seat is not specifically stated as a two-term seat - the treasurer will be up for the council vote again next year).

If you're interested in serving on the council, please feel free to post here, or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . I'll be putting together a page of nominees prior to the vote. Please have your nominee/bio prepped and ready to go by May 1st. Nominees will be listed from May 1st through the voting, which will occur May 25th through May 31st, 2014.

The council transition will occurring during the month of June so the new members are ready to be up and running July 1st.

This info will also go out to all current members in the next few days via our email newsletter. If you do not get the club's email newsletter, make sure your spam filters are not blocking any emails that include the "@azlro.org" domain

2013/14 Council - Voting today thru 6/30/2013

Voting for the 2013/14 AZLRO Council has begun.

The nominees are (alphabetically):

2013/14 Council Nominees
2013/14 Council
AZLRO Elections

AZLRO will be holding the annual Council Elections, June 15th - June 30th, 2013.

Nominations are open to any and all current AZLRO members.

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