AZLRO Monument Valley/Hunts Mesa Trip
Friday April 26th, 2019 07:00 AM
Sunday April 28th, 2019 06:00 PM
Monument Valley - Oljato-Monument Valley, Arizona
Trail Runs (Official)
Trail Leader:
Doug Lawyer

Event Description

This will be a 3-day / 2-night trip to one of the most beautiful venues in the area.  We will leave the Phoenix area at 8 AM on the 26th and drive to Kayenta, AZ where we will meet our Native American guide who will lead us to the top of Hunt's Mesa, overlooking the valley floor of Monument Valley.  There are no services whatsoever once we leave Kayenta, so make sure you have everything you need.  Be prepared for hot and cold weather, wind, and blowing sand.  Also, due to the steep drop-off/cliff, we’d highly recommend no small children on this trip.

This 100% off-road trail to the top is NOT for the faint of heart, as it includes heavy sand dunes, steep rocky climbs, as well as ledge roads with steep drop-offs.  The sand is the toughest part of this trip, so hopefully you’ve driven in deep sand before and know the basic techniques.  Once on top you will be amazed on this well-kept secret that very few get to enjoy.  We will camp in the same location for both nights.  During the day on Saturday we might possibly be able to visit an old B52 crash site as well.  Once we know who is going, perhaps we’ll do some meal planning/sharing as well?

The cost for this trip will be $250 + tip, which will go 100% to our guide. The tip will be up to you but were pretty sure you’ll be so amazed that you’ll feel good taking care of our guide.

We will awake Sunday morning, head down from Hunt’s Mesa, hit pavement, and head back to Phoenix.

Vehicle requirements to attend are:
Full-size spare, tools to change a flat, exposed front and rear recovery points, all-terrain or mud-terrain tires with plenty of tread, air supply to air up your tires at the end of the trip (yes, you will need to air down, especially in the sand), well-maintained vehicle that won’t break down, tire repair kit, tow strap/recovery gear readily available, and basic tools for vehicle repair, just in case.


A link to the registration/payment page for members only will be posted March 4th.


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Monument Valley
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Oljato-Monument Valley
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Venue Description

Experience the wonder of discovery among the buttes, mesas, canyons, and free standing rock formations that fill Monument Valley. The tranquility of the land, culture, and traditions infuse the valley with a uniquely Navajo flavor.

Monument Valley was created as material eroded from the ancestral Rocky Mountains, and was deposited and cemented into sandstone. The formations you see in the valley were left over after the forces of erosion worked their magic on the sandstone. A geologic uplift caused the surface to bulge and crack. Wind and water then eroded the land, and the cracks deepened and widened into gullies and canyons, which eventually became the scenery you see today. Natural forces continue to slowly shape the land.

Monument Valley is a Navajo Tribal Park (30,000 acres) established in 1958 and located on the border of Arizona and Utah with in the 16 million-acre Navajo Reservation. The Park is about 5,500 feet above seal level and accessible year-round.

Temperatures range from an average low of 25 degrees F in the winter to an average high of 90 degrees F in the summer. Rainfall averages eight inches/year.
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