No Spark 3.9 Liter Classic

4 years 3 months ago #8439 by Glenn P38
Hello All,

As the title indicates, I'm not getting any spark. I've been having problems with starting recently and thought it was the ignition module. Here is what I did today. I know that most of it has nothing to do with the spark, but could I have knocked something off?

1.) Changed thermostat.
2.) Changed cooloant temp sensor.
3.) Installed new ignition module and relocation kit.
4.) Installed new rotor.
5.) Replaced the ignition coil with an old one that I know still worked to see if the coil was bad after I discovered I had no spark.

Before I did all of this, the truck started up on about the third or fourth attempt. Ran rough. Couple of weeks ago she stalled and wouldn't start for a few hours. Checked a bunch of things Chad suggested and she eventually started but ran crappy. Got us off the mountain though.

Any suggestions, comments, thoughts were I should look next?



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4 years 3 months ago #8442 by koly
Replied by koly on topic No Spark 3.9 Liter Classic
I'd start with
- the distributor and plug wires
- is the fuel filter clean?
- is the fuel pump running?
- maybe pull the Mass Airflow Sensor...

Maybe going up a semi-steep hill got the crud from the bottom of your gas tank moving around and clogged up the fuel filter or into the fuel pump...

00 G500

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4 years 3 months ago #8444 by Classic4Me
Have you checked to see if the wires on the + side of the coil are receiving power when you turn the key ignition? I would also check to see the physical condition of the the + and - wire connectors for corrosion and snugness of the connectors. Every time there was a even hint of moisture in the air my '95 would stall, cut out, or not start every time it rained and redoing them with new insulated spade connectors solved this.

Also check the ignition fuse with a multimeter, and make sure its snug as well, even if it looks like its fine. Older fuses like to pretend they are not blown, and appear to make a good connection.

1990 RRC Portofino Red, SOLD

-Curry Froelich

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4 years 3 months ago #8445 by Glenn P38
Turns out it's a bad distributor and bad ignition module relocation kit. Pulled the distributor from my brothers 94 Classic (hey it was sitting there and Chad was in Flagstaff!), put it in, removed the relocation kit, and it ran fine. Put the relocation kit back in and no spark again. Put a new module on my old distributor without the kit and it started and ran rough. Eventually it stalled and there was no more spark. Put my brothers distributor back in and it ran fine.

Against Chad's advice, I ordered an aftermarket distributor off of ebay. I believe it's Britpart, the same brand that AB sells. Should be here Saturday.

Talked to AB and they gave me advice on what to check on the relocation kit. Said if it still doesn't work, they would replace it. Definitely willing to work with me. Haven't had a chance to look at it.

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