03/04 Disco 2 harmonic balancer/crankcase pulley

2 years 1 month ago #9824 by rpotter
I'm replacing my harmonic balancer aka crankcase pulley the rubber is shot on the original.

Question: Does the new (LR) OEM balancer need to be balanced with weights (like the original) or can I simply replace it and be on my way? I cannot seem to find a clear answer on this in the manual. I called my old shop JC's Rovers in Denver and was informed no, but, was recently told yes by the LR dealer... however when I asked how they balanced it, I couldn't get an answer.

If it needs to be balanced does anyone have suggestions how or who to go to?

I already have the part and am in the middle refurbishing. So, it won't exactly be easy to take the truck anywhere at this moment.

Thank you

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2 years 1 month ago #9826 by RovnAZ
I'd reach out to a couple of other independent Rover mechanics to see what they say. I find that I don't trust the dealerships responses when it comes to older models. In AZ, we have a few good independents; Rov-n-techs and Huffs in the Phoenix area and Falcon Works in the Tucson area.

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