Nitto Trail Grappler MTs vs BFG MT KM2s...

2 years 4 months ago #9835 by koly
Any thoughts? I had the BFG MT KM2s, but I only got about 30k miles out of them, and they were fairly loud about 1/2 way through their life.

Anyone have experience with the Nittos?

00 G500

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2 years 4 months ago #9839 by Glenn P38
I've never used the Nitto's. I see quite a few trucks in CO and AZ with them though. They seem pretty loud on the street. I see a lot of the Cooper SST (?) Max Pro's in CO. My friend runs them in 35's and she loves them. Actually, I see a lot of Cooper's in general here. I'm running Cooper Discovery 3's on my Expedition and love them. Good all around AT tread. I've got the Cooper Discovery ATP's (Discount Tire only) on my Fj. Slightly more aggressive than the Disco 3's and a few bucks cheaper. I'd buy both again. My P38 runs retread mudders as they will dry rot before I ever wear them out.

Have you thought about Mickey Thompson tires? They are now offering a mileage warranty on them. Didn't read the details though.

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