Defender Clutch Master and Slave Renewal

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Well you get into your truck, mash down on the clutch and it goes to the floor or you can't shift gears. Your clutch master or slave has probably given up the ghost and here is how to swap them out. I encourage you to do both at the same time because one usually fails right after the other.

Here are the factory manual instructions on how to change the master. On a RHD truck it is very straight forward. On a LHD truck you can either take off the left wing (I wouldn't do that) or you can way loosen the brake master cylinder and slide it inwards and wiggle out the clutch master.

How to swap out the master cylinder

If you never want to change the master out again I would recommend getting this kit from SDO. Yes it is pricey but I subscribe to the "buy once cry once" theory.

The slave cylinder is easy on an R380 because nothing is in the way but a PITA on an LT77 with a 4 cylinder engine. It is much easier if you remove the exhaust down pipe.

How to swap out the slave cylinder

You are almost done. You still need to bleed the hydraulic line. I use the same DOT 3 or 4 brake fluid that I use in the brake system.

How to bleed the clutch system

Lastly you need to adjust the clutch pedal.

Adjusting the clutch pedal

All and all it isn't a bad job. The R380 is easy to bleed but the LT77 can be a bit problematic. A quick google or YouTube search will yield many different techniques.

Lastly I would only go with a factory slave cylinder. You will want the transmission serial number available for an R380 when you order it.

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