OBD II Drive cycle

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Hi follow these instruction and you should be able to get you vehicle for I/M readiness.

Drive cycle Action

1/ idle for .2.5 minutes In drive ,A/C on ,Rear defroster on. 1a/ IO2S Heater, Misfire ,air ,fuel trim, Purge

2/ Accelerate to 55mph at 1/2 throttle A/C Off. 2a/ misfire, Fuel trim, Purge

3/ 8 minutes cruise at 55mph. 3a/ Misfire, EGR, Air, fuel trim, HO2S, Purge

4/ decelerate to 20mph (clutch out ) No brake. 4a/ EGR, Fuel trim, Purge

5/ accelerate to 60mph 3/4 throttle. 5a/ Misfire, Fuel trim, Purge

6/ 5 minutes cruise at 60mph. 6a/ Catalyst monitor, Misfire, EGR, fuel trim, HO2S, Purge

7/ decelerate ( no brakes ) for 12 minutes . 7a/ EGR, Purge

This completes the cycle .

follow 1 to 7 1a to 7a is the action of what you are doing from 1 to 7

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