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1990 Range Rover Classic For Sale

2 months 1 week ago #9867 by fryvet
I am looking to sell my Classic, which began as a reliable driver/project vehicle but has fallen out of favor due to other hobbies. If interested and any additional information required/requested feel free to ask. Asking $8000 due to upgrades and maintenance.

- The Good or Recently Repaired/Replaced
o Essentially rust free
o Good headliner
o Upgraded stereo
o New swivel ball set/seals
o New tie rods
o New radius arms
o New wiring for alternator, including upgrade alternator
o New Terrafirma Springs/Shocks
o New/Upgraded A/C system
o New catalytic convertors (pass emissions recently w/o issue)
o Upgraded electrical system
o Hella Black Magic Lights (not yet mounted)
o Rear Lamp Guards (not yet mounted)
o Recently fully serviced brake system
o Fuel System recently restored

- The Bad or Needs Repaired
o Some tearing in leather seats
o Needs repainted
o Sunroof motor needs servicing
o Doors stick but do open with minor effort
o Will need power steering pump in near future

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