April Minutes - Phoenix

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(Thx to Diana for typing up the minutes)

Doug L, Rob W, Mateo, Jon C, Steve T, Steve O, Chad M, Puneet B, Shaun Mc., Ann L, Joanne, Diana, Tonia, Nicole, Bob K.
More structured approach to future trail runs (Doug):
    • Council discussed planning/schedule more club trail runs.
    • Mix of hard & easy trails to accommodate varying skill levels in the club
    • Coordinate with Tucson club members to schedule trail runs in their area
    • Open to doing weekend as well as extended weekend events
    • If you want to do or try a particular trail, put it on the event calendar
    [/list:u]• Look at scheduling runs at least 3 months out
    • More conscientious about listing all runs on the Events calendar, even last minute runs
    • Upcoming Runs –
    • Sierra Ancha – Sunday 4/17, meet at Shell Station in Gold Canyon at 8 am (Diana, organizer) ... and-hiking
• Table Mesa – Saturday, 5/7 (Chad Manz, organizer) ... e-mesa-run
• Backroad to Crown King – date tbd (Doug Lawyer, organizer)
• Sedona Beat the Heat- Schnebly Hill & Greasy Spoon - Saturday, 6/25 (koly, organizer) ... t-the-heat [/list:u]
[/list:u]• Membership Related:
    • Different Level of Access
    • General public
    • Non-paying "member" (registered on web site but not a club member)
    • Paid Member
    [/list:u] • Limit non-paying member web site access
    • Paid Members Only
    • Ability to place ads
    • Forum
    • Meeting notes
    • Paid Member Contact info / directory
    • Member only events & socials
    • PHX-TUC BBQ Social Event:
    Saturday, May 21
    Doug’s place of business
    Paid AZLRO members only ... -swap-meet
• New Member info
    • packets/stickers/etc – didn’t really discuss
    • How to increase awareness about the club
    • Maybe other discounted first year membership w/new rig purchase at NSLR?[/list:u][/list:u]
Online merchandise store – capability is up and running - What kind of merchandise do we want to sell?
    • Stickers
    • Metal ovals
    • License plate brackets (wink, wink)
    • Clothing?
    • Merchandise listed at cost (not-for-profit)
    • Forward suggestions to Council members
    [/list:u] •
Rally Feedback
    • Overall Feedback from surveys for the Expo was positive
    • Suggestions for Changes / Additional Opportunities for future Rallies
    • Look at actual date – to be able to either leverage (attendees) of other events in same general location (increase attendance) or avoid conflicts (decreased vendor support and sponsorship)
    • Moving event to Fall vs. Spring
    • Potential site: Lake Havasu area?
    • Have some activities gear towards – co-pilots (spouses, etc); ex. Trail in which the normal co-pilot is the one who drives
    • Raffle related
    • Have 2 nights of raffles vs. single night
    • Add canine items / raffles
    [/list:u] • Partner with non-profit organization
    • Hold silent auction
    • Good way to benefit both Club (awareness) and Charity (money & potential club volunteer hours, etc)
    [/list:u][/list:u] •
Wilderness First-aid training class
    • Will engage Craig for assistance in setting a class up, more to come.
    • Great opportunity to get certified
    • 2 day class
    [/list:u] •
Club Driving “School”
    • As a benefit of membership, especially for newbies, the club provides opportunities to learn from the more experienced and seasoned drivers
    • Can demonstrate techniques ex. winching, using high lift jack, etc. during trail runs
    • Ask for assistance or 1:1 time to learn new skills.

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