August Meeting Minutes - Phoenix

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August Meeting Minutes – Phoenix
Attendees: Diana, Doug, Joanne, Steve T, Tonia, Shaun, Jon W, Chad, Val, Mateo, Steven D-P
Scribe: Diana

Quarterly Business Meeting is next weekend
    • All members, please try to attend.
    • Anyone interested in carpooling down from PHX, meet up at Doug’s work at 1:30 pm.
    • Anyone interested in doing a pre-meeting trail run, let Diana know.[/list:u]
August Council Meeting Notes: Doug has them and will be posting to the website.

September Meeting Location: Doug & Buster @ Desert Ridge(upper level). Diana will make reservations.

2011 Solihull National Rally: Stories/trail reports/pictures NEEDED!
    • Have requested that Doug, Steve & Tonia, Michael & Suzan and Rob M. submit stories of their adventures while in Colorado.[/list:u]
Club Business Cards and Postcards: Bob should have ready for the Quarterly Business Meeting.

AZLRO WRENCH DAY / HOUSEWARMING AT CHAD'S HOUSE! I'd(Bob) like to nominate Chad for an official "Wrench Day" where we all descend on his new abode and leave pieces of our vehicles behind after we update whatever it is we need to update. Lots of hands, maybe a club-sponsored BBQ, and some beverages! I vote for sometime in October? Did not really have any rigs that needed work done on them. UNLESS we want to tackle mounting Diana’s Discreet Winch Mount & winch….hint..hint. <!-- s:wave: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_wave.gif" alt=":wave:" title="wave" /><!-- s:wave: -->


Owner of Henry (2011 LR4) & Margot (2013 R-Pod 178) <!-- s:ahhh: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_ahhh.gif" alt=":ahhh:" title="ahhh" /><!-- s:ahhh: -->

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