February Meeting Minutes

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Tucson: Chuck, James, Andreas
Teleconference: Steve K
Phoenix: Bob, Chad, Craig, Diana, Doug, Joanne, Mark, Pierre, Rob, Shaun, Steve O, Walter, Warren, & Wendy.

  • Presentation by Arizona Cars - hosts for the phx location regarding their 3M vehicle wraps/rock guard vinyl adhesives[/*:m]
  • New Council - new council members are introduced, brief recap of council meeting minutes provided[/*:m]
  • Upcoming meeting locations for Phoenix members as they are very wide-spread
    Several locations discussed, talked about doing north/south/north, reminded that we've been on the SE side for the last 3 months.
    Following locations decided on:
    • March meeting at Chad's - potluck style[/*:m]
    • April meeting at Neopolitan - Chad will provide address[/*:m]
    • May - no meeting due to Rally[/*:m]
    • June meeting - Next Coffee[/*:m]
    • July meeting - Doug's office[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
    • Rally Updates - Doug
      • Lots of sponsors already signed up:
        Premier sponsors: Bill Burke, Mountain Khakis, Land Rover North Scottsdale
        Gold sponsor: Rovers North
        Silver sponsor: ViewRanger
        Raffle sponsors: Hella, FOX
        Sponsors: Best Western, Wheels4Warriors, Overland Expo[/*:m]
      • Registration: Approximately 20 vehicles already registered, ~50 attendees[/*:m]
      • Large event tent on hold until we get closer to final count of sponsors/attendees[/*:m]
      • Trails - Pierre:
        • The event will definitely be of the more moderate level as the area doesn't offer as many technical and difficult trails. There are 2 to 4 very difficult/extreme trails and we are still discovering a few hidden hard trails[/*:m]
        • Pre-running of the preliminary list of 20 trails is going very well, with many of the trails mapped and gpx'd. We should have a very good list of 12-15 trails for the event (some of those trails will be running 2 trails in one run)[/*:m]
        • One more scouting trip on February 25th to finish off the main list. [/*:m]
        • Final trails should be posted by the end of the month or the first week of March[/*:m]
        • Chuck is working on cleaning up all the GPX files and posting them to the database[/*:m]
        • several trails with hiking included[/*:m]
        • possible beginner's guide/class trails[/*:m]
        • ladies only trail - could be just ladies, or could be the person who doesn't normally drive[/*:m]
        • possible 'Sedona' day for those not interested in trail rides - wine/spa/downtown Sedona[/*:m]
        • discussing idea of having vendors provide short classes before/after/on trails[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
        • Rally homepage - Bob requests help, Pierre said he'd come up with content for the landing page[/*:m]
        • Many members are going to order from vendors before/during the rally - club will send out member-wide newsletter to try to combine orders for an in-person deliver from specific vendors to show rally support[/*:m]
        • Trail leader & volunteer shirt orders are almost completed, well ahead of schedule. Only three shirts left to order. [/*:m]
        • Both AZLRO & Trail Leader patches have arrived! They look great - we ordered enough TL patches so future TLs can get them, and enough AZLRO patches that we plan on selling them to the membership and at the rally. Price tbd[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
        • Epic Week - Overland to the Expo update - Lots of interest in the two itineraries - 5-7 spots are already taken on Route #1 - two people have joined the club so they could register early. 3 different Sportsmobile owners have expressed interest. Craig noted that Route 1 offers Bill Burke, and Bill hosts that same trail and charges $1000 - so this is a steal. Registration is members only for this week only - Sunday, it opens to the public at large.[/*:m]
        • Craig notes that paid events like the Epic week, and selling the patches, actually do provide a great resource for funding for the club - they help us when we need to pre-pay for things for the rally, and both the rally and these items help to really grow the club - as each year, we raise more funds, and each year we have a better rally, and each year our membership grows[/*:m]
        • Trail Coordinator - new position, suggested by Pierre, and agreed upon by council - Pierre is the inaugural coordinator, to serve as main contact point for trail scheduling, following up with trail leaders, and tasked with reviewing and previewing upcoming trails at club meetings and scheduling quarterly or semi-annual camping/long weekend club trips. Also noted was the club is now large enough, we can hold multiple events on the same weekend [/*:m]
        • Mailchimp email newsletters - bob
          Seem to be doing well, provide excellent click tracking - ~70% of club members emails are opened - club members should add AZLRO, <!-- e --><a href="][/url]<!-- e -->, <!-- e --><a href="][/url]<!-- e -->, <!-- e --><a href="][/url]<!-- e -->, <!-- e --><a href="][/url]<!-- e -->, and <!-- e --><a href="][/url]<!-- e --> to their address book. Bob will follow up with members who don't appear to be receiving/opening mailchimp newsletters so they receive club communications.[/*:m]
        • brief review of upcoming trips - see events page on web site for details[/*:m]
        • Planning 2nd annual club BBQ /Swap Meet - three locales discussed - Chad's house in N. Phx, Steve K's in Tempe, and great campground area outside of Tucson. Prompted discussion of two possible BBQs to be discussed at next meeting as time was running out.[/*:m][/list:u]

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6 years 4 months ago #4356 by ronrwatkins
Nice job Bob.

Great to see everyone last night! <!-- s:wave: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_wave.gif" alt=":wave:" title="wave" /><!-- s:wave: -->


Owner of Henry (2011 LR4) &amp; Margot (2013 R-Pod 178) <!-- s:ahhh: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_ahhh.gif" alt=":ahhh:" title="ahhh" /><!-- s:ahhh: -->

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6 years 4 months ago #4357 by Red October
Sorry I missed it. Worked 8hrs of overtime yesterday and 12 today. Gotta get those rock sliders, ARB fridge, full size spare, Mantek snorkel.... :mrgreen:

03 DISCO &quot;THE RED OCTOBER&quot;
99 2DR TAHOE-gone but not forgotten


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6 years 4 months ago #4358 by LeBlanc
Replied by LeBlanc on topic February Meeting Minutes
Mateo, we talked snorkels the other day... look at the Terrafirma one... it has the design we like..

Apparently it's a Southdown snorkel that is powder coated... and the rumor is Terrafirma bought Southdown.

Pierre LeBlanc
'87 RRC
'02 D2

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