April Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Attendees:
Chuck, James H, Steve K, Jon R via teleconference

@ Chad's: Steve T, Tanya, Mike, Jen, Bob, Rob, Chad

late in starting & posting conference number - apologies for not having number posted online - Bob was not able to get it posted prior to the meeting due to work. Meeting started approx 6:45pm

  • Old/Ongoing Business
    • Trail Coordinator Report
      • reviewed posted trails, Rally pre-runs, weekend camping trips, guide fees, (see March meeting minutes and/or events section for dates/times)[/*:m]
      • trail leaders to schedule fall trips (Bob rescheduling Walnut for the fall)[/*:m]
      • Chad asked about fall run in Monument Valley - Rob suggests southern utah instead - tasked to the Trail Coordinator to followup on[/*:m]
      • Chuck has some scheduled dates in fall - need to compre notes with Pierre to try to avoid conflicting dates[/*:m]
      • Rob's rally pre-run: Smiley Rock - will have to run not on the 21st with the other Rally pre-runs - will post on the site when he plans to run it[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
      • Membership Report
        • 90 paid members[/*:m]
        • New Member packets: Chad to print letters to go out this week[/*:m]
        • Contacting expiring members - since new plan in place, only one member expiring, and council has been receiving bcc's so Chad can add an additional contact besides the auto-generated notification to the expiring member, which he has done 2xs for the only member about to expire.[/*:m]
        • Contacting expired: Chad hasn't done - will do this week - we have a list of 10-15 recently expired, some may not know it[/*:m]
        • Michael inquires about PayPal alternative, Bob will check to see if our software will allow for any other processing options including Square, which we also currently use for on-site cc processing[/*:m]
        • Lifetime/multi-year memberships:
          • Council discussed lifetime, tabled for time being, but are looking into multi-year memberships, one option including a discount or special offer (ie: Chad has contacted Overland Journal to see if they would include their magazin with a 2 or 3 year membership. Attendees seem to like the idea of multi-year.[/*:m]
          • Bob needs to check on our membership software to see if it will handle multi-year.[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m][/list:u]
          • Rally Coordinator Report
            • Still many members who've said they are going to register but haven't yet - PLEASE REGISTER ASAP IF YOU ARE ATTENDING SO WE CAN GET A BETTER COUNT FOR TENT, CHAIRS, T-SHIRTS, ETC.[/*:m]
            • Police presence for vendor night secured (and required due to alcoholic beverages on state land or something)[/*:m]
            • Doug & Pierre to discuss/schedule arrangements for exiting of staging area (by group, difficulty, distance, etc) to try to get trucks leaving staging at 8:15am[/*:m]
            • Police will provide 10-15 mins traffic control each morning. Any longer and we need to hire them by the hour[/*:m]
            • Doug needs help contacting sponsors - he's contacted over 250 personally. Many willing to give percentage discount or gift card to raffle, but very few willing to pay for sponsorship due to economy. Mike offered to help doug with contacting more sponors[/*:m]
            • Steve O LRO followup regarding getting them our rally & epic week info is uknown at this time[/*:m]
            • Steve T to talk to balloon group to see if they'd be interested in having a booth[/*:m]
            • Tread Lightly to attend (see below)[/*:m]
            • Steve K is brewing a special edition Rally Beer, Chad is getting the bottles which will have a custom Rally Label! Brew to be called "Series 1 SK"[/*:m]
            • Rob gives big thank you Chuck for the awesome maps for rally[/*:m][/list:u]
            • Web Site Report
              <!-- ia0 -->stats.png<!-- ia0 -->[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
            • New Business
              • Banner ad sales - Mike mentioned with those site stats, we should be able to charge for ad banners on the site... Rob mentioned to read the legal contract regarding that aspect first [/*:m]
              • Tread Lightly - AZLRO has decided to become a dues-paying member of Tread Lightly. Doug L will be serving as Tread Lightly Liason - this position is one that will be appointed by the council on an annual basis[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m][/list:u]

                Big THANK YOU to Chad for hosting another meeting - very nice to sit outside, be able to hear everyone and crank through the business before we have an enjoyable social evening together.

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