November Meeting Minutes

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November 8th, 6:30 pm
Attendees: Rob, Doug, Bob, Steve T., Chad, & Ian via teleconference
  • Old Business
    • Hydroflask update:
      Orders complete, 55 orders in total
      There may be a delay for stainless steel items - Doug is working with Hydroflask[/*:m]
    • Overland Journal subscription is 1/2 way integrated to renewal & registration - however, if your membership renewal is different than you resubscription date for OJ, talk to Chad and he'll help you sort it out[/*:m]
    • Great club bbq - thanks to Puneet, Steve, and all others who helped[/*:m]
    • LRNS says no to sponsoring window flags[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
    • Membership report
      • Currently 91 members[/*:m]
      • 7 recent expirees, some of whom have already said they will renew[/*:m]
      • All new members and expiring members are getting their materials on time [/*:m]
      • expiring members get auto-pinged and get a follow-up reminder email from Chad[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
      • Trail coordinator
        • Pierre not present, but all agreed he's been doing an awesome job as Trail coordinator, which is probably not noticed by those who aren't designated Trail leaders that get to see some of his behind the scenes work. Keep up the great work Pierre! [/*:m]
        • Upcoming events:
          • Open House at Sierra Expedition's new location Nov 10[/*:m]
          • Box Canyon Nov 11 [/*:m]
          • Royal Land Rover Tucson Dealer Run of Gardner Canyon - AZLRO is going in full force to show support![/*:m]
          • Walnut Canyon Dec 15th [/*:m]
          • Box Canyon of Hassayampa & Stanton Ghost Town Dec 29th [/*:m]
          • New Year's Run on Mojave Road Dec 29th through Jan 1 [/*:m]
          • Overland Expo May 17-19 [/*:m][/list:u][/*:m][/list:u]
          • 2013 Arizona Land Rover Rally
            • RALLY CHAIR: KELLY HOWARD! [/*:m]
            • Date is set! MARCH 14th to 17th[/*:m]
            • Need volunteers for the Rally committee [/*:m]
            • Venue is narrowed down to 3, closely eyeing and negotiating with 1 in particular[/*:m]
            • Royal Land Rover Tucson is very interested in being a big sponsor[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
            • Web Site Stats
              We've had almost 1/2 a million visits and 1.8 million page views on so far in 2012.

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            • New Business
              • Working on new AZLRO postcards for both Rally and AZLRO[/*:m]
              • Sunwest credit union is offering free window VIN etching
                - November 30th in Phoenix 28th Dr & Cactus
                - Friday Dec 7th in Tucson at Broadway and Pantano(?)
                The VIN etching deters thieves (they have to replace all your windows) and can lower your insurance rates depending on your carrier.[/*:m]
              • March 14th (Rally date) is also monthly meeting date - tbd what to do about rescheduling the monthly meeting. In the past we've just skipped that month's meeting[/*:m]
              • Council Elections are coming. Bylaws state the existing council's term ends on January 31st. An article is forthcoming for the web site along with a member-wide email calling for candidates and detailing the voting, pending the outcome of the next point below:[/*:m]
              • Ian suggests amending the Bylaws to have the council change over in the middle of summer instead of new year - making it easier to avoid any major change over during Rally planning, and also due to much less club, holiday, and family activities occuring during that time. The club could propose and vote on an amendment to that section of the bylaws prior to this year's council elections to move the date change to a summer date.[/*:m]
              • Ian would like to see the Featured Photo return to the homepage. Done & done![/*:m][/list:u][/*:m][/list:u]

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5 years 7 months ago #5824 by LeBlanc
Replied by LeBlanc on topic November Meeting Minutes
Sorry I couldn't make it, I was frantically trying to deal with family issues last night (pneumonia), and was in line at the pharmacy when the meeting started and was 7pm before I even realized (remembered) it was going on..

Thanks for the Kudos..

Pierre LeBlanc
'87 RRC
'02 D2

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5 years 7 months ago #5829 by ipgregory
Replied by ipgregory on topic November Meeting Minutes

LeBlanc wrote: Thanks for the Kudos..

You earned (and continue to earn) it. Nice job!


Ian Gregory - N1IPG

Current LR Stable: 97 D90 S/T #1008, 94 D90 S/W #1887 (Project), 98 D1 LSE
Memories of: 84 RRC Vogue 4dr, 93 RRC Vogue SE, 84 Ninety 2.5D S/W, 86 Ninety 2.5TD 2dr, 96 D1 SD.

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