New to Land Rovers and considering buying a 110

3 years 9 months ago #8630 by louxwe
Hello all, I am new to Land Rovers and have been doing a bit of research and I am considering getting a 110 Defender. I noticed that the local club seems to be pretty active and since getting a 110 here in the States seems to be a difficult proposition I thought I would log on here and see if I could learn a thing or two. I have been driving a Nissan Armada for 10 years and so it is about time to get a new vehicle and I am considering something older, cooler, rugged, easier to work on and without all those pesky electronics. Got to thinking that a new Armada would cost around $45k plus whatever offroad/expedition gear gets you just over $50k, so I was thinking about getting a rebuilt 110 since you could end up with a custom built vehicle that looks great and lasts for ever and would be easier to work on. I am planning on using this as my daily driver since, well it would be expensive and would be replacing my current car, and I couldn't really justify it just as a fun car to have financially, but I thought if it's a new build with updated/modern equipment it could be acceptable as a daily driver. But I just wanted to see what you guys thought and if I was just crazy. I have seen some that have sound proofing, new engines, seats, etc. to make them more comfortable. I would hope to have something that I could drive on the highway at 70-80 mph for road trips to Col, Cal, Utah, etc. without unbearable noise and drafty rain/snow coming in. Grew up driving/riding in GMC Jimmy, Jeeps, Pathfinders, Armada so I don't need a sedan type ride just with kids and wife that I need to haul around I'm not interested in the jeep style windy/noisy ride, plus with kids and gear I need something with the size and passenger capacity of the Armada.

Just curious what your thoughts are and if this is possible or if most updated defenders would cost way more than what I was thinking, also I have never ridden/driven one so is there somewhere to see/test drive them in the valley, or some kind soul that might let me ride along in one of theirs sometime that would be great too.

Cheers, Bill

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3 years 9 months ago #8633 by koly
Hi Bill -

First off, I'd recommend going for a ride in a Defender if you haven't yet. I'm sure one of our club members would be happy to take you for a spin so you can get an idea of what it's like riding in one at speed.

Two of your requirements might eliminate the Defender right out of the box:
- 70-80 mph highway speeds (achievable with a strong tailwind - jk, but only a little)
- unbearable noise & drafty rain/snow/wind noise.

You're basically driving a vehicle shaped like a refrigerator down the road - it does not slip through the air–it punches a big fat hole through it, and it's going to be noisy regardless of soundproofing. The vertical front grill and flat straight windscreen laugh at aerodynamicists.

You'll get more/better storage in the 110 than the Armada, and you'll get more quirks and idiosyncrasies. You'll also have something more unique than your run-of-the-mill SUV.

The most important thing, if you decide to buy one, is to make sure it is LEGAL. Not sure if you read about what happened just over a year ago, when DHS/US Customs seized 40 Defenders across the US in a coordinated raid, (or if you've seen the video of Customs crushing a beautiful 110 imported illegally), but you definitely want to make sure the vehicle you pick is on the up-and-up. One of your 'plus column' items was a new engine - that's one of the big sticking points with importing these vehicles - the laws are able to be interpreted differently (at least by the importers) as to what's 'legal' - a new engine in an old import that's been rebuilt is highly suspect (others in the club know more about this than I do).

Hope this helps - another great spot to learn more is - they've got loads of info on how to obtain one of these iconic vehicles.

00 G500

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3 years 9 months ago #8639 by louxwe
Thanks would love to meet up with any 110 owners and take a ride sometime. I see that there is a rally up in Sedona next week, would anyone be heading up there? Thinking about taking off work Friday and driving up and seeing if I can see more 110's and maybe get a feel for the ride on and off road. Is anyone heading up there?

Thanks, Bill

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3 years 9 months ago - 3 years 9 months ago #8640 by koly
Just a head's up - the event is closed to any new attendees due to the large number of vehicles attending. Drive-ups / walk-ups will not be admitted onto the venue grounds... If you do go up, you'll probably be able to see a bunch of Land Rovers driving in/around Sedona in the mornings and afternoons - but don't go up expecting to be able to go to the event and kick tires / look at vehicles or get onto the grounds.

All the attendees have paid, so just showing up and hoping you can tag along might not be appreciated.

A better option would be to join us on one of our club runs where you could actually get up close and snag a ride...

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