Telegraph Canyon Trail

3 years 2 months ago #9027 by Maxum96
Just wanted to give a big thanks to Rob for leading a great trail run. Also wanted to thank Rob and Carlos for helping to get my rig going again at the end of the trail. I appreciate that they stuck around to help me fix my problem. This is a great club with some really good people in it. If they don't know what to do to fix something they reach out and find an answer.
Thanks again
-Chuck S.

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3 years 2 months ago #9028 by RovnAZ
Replied by RovnAZ on topic Telegraph Canyon Trail
Thanks Chuck, appreciate the kind words.

Just a quick word on the area in which Telegraph Canyon is located. Though I haven't tried to verify this, it appears what I'd call the normal route into the Box Canyon/Ajax Mine/Martinez Cabin, Cottonwood Canyon Rd, is now closed at the gate that feeds into the wash where the old homestead is locate (old Lower Woodpecker Trail/petrogliphs). Looks like the land owners are now enforcing that gate, which used to always be open. We did see a fairly large number of cattle in the area, much more than I've ever seen, so they may be an active ranch again. Not sure on the legality of that gate restricting public access, as I'm fairly certain Cottonwood Canyon is a county road. However, that being said, the owners that turned us back were polite and considerate, not rude at all.

So, if you are heading out into that area to run a trail, keep this in mind. You can still use Mineral Mountain Rd from the 60 to the north and Box Canyon Rd from the south. But, from looking at Satellite images, there still looks to be a way in off Cottonwood Canyon Rd by using the first road to right just before you hit the gate/wash, heading east. Satellite makes appear to be fairly well traveled tho I've never done it myself.


1984 90
2004 Discovery II (Dead)
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- Rob Woodward

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3 years 2 months ago #9029 by CFranco101
Replied by CFranco101 on topic Telegraph Canyon Trail
Happy to help? hehe I wasn't much help other than moral support!

We should start doing write ups for issues like that one so other trail leaders and members know what to do should they find themselves in similar situations.

I had a lot of fun on that trail and it was neat to sit passenger in my truck on a trail, if only I'd taken a picture of it to show the 90 and the Classic! :P

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