Fun in MOAB: The Solihull Diaries

8 years 7 months ago #735 by gadget1
I have had the whole gambit of fun at the national rally. Wed and Thur were great running the designated trails with minimal incident. the on Fri I went out in the rain with Mike and Frank we explored the back way to Dead Horse point where we met up with an LR3 who joined up with us. We then decided to go out and follow Pot Ash road up into the back way to canyon lands. It was fun watching AJ drive, trying to find every mud puddle he could.

We had turned around and was almost out when we hit a long stretch of water/mud about 2 feet deep. It was fun to traverse through it but after I went through it my service enine soon light came on. shortly after that i stalled. I was able to start it and continue but it was having trouble idling. a little bit farther down and it stalled and wouldn't start. we opened up the airbox and discoverfed my air filter was now a sponge.

We tried to dry out the MAF but couldn't get the truck to idle. After Frank checked multiple things we decided to tow me out on the strap while we let the truck dry out more. We got to pavement and still no joy on starting so we decided to tow me all the way in. 22 mile later we pulled into the lot where the rally arena.

After confirming the truck would still not start we went into the vendor event to see if we could enlist some help. After the event was over in the rain we tried an MAF from another D2 and the truck started right up. So now begins the hunt for the MAF this morning. There is hope if there isnt an MAF in town as it has been stated that the MAF for a Jetta is the same I would just have to reuse swap out the housings.

So thats the news from lake wob... err MOAB, where the Rovers are wet and the Drivers are good looking, well they like to think they are anyway. Pictures to follow once I recover the camera from the truck.

04 D2 Work in Progress

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8 years 7 months ago #738 by James Howard
Sounds like fun!

1968 Land Rover Dormobile
1992 Range Rover

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8 years 7 months ago #740 by gadget1

I could not find an MAF anywhere in UT and the closest one in CO was Denver, the earliest the parts stores could get me one was Tue. I did find one in Vegas at Autozone, which is where I was needing to head to. My sister lives in Vegas and was able to pick it up and bring it to me Sat night. When I went to install it in the truck though I discovered that even though it stated it was for an 04 it the housing was actually the smaller diamter that wsa in 03 and prior. I was able to swap the sensor out of the smaller housing into the housing I had and once plugged in the truck fired right up. I then drove it to Vegas with no incident and even noticed that the truck seemed to do better on the hills. Once I finished what i needed to do in vegas I came home back to Phoenix, across the new bridge I might add at the Dam, much faster, again with no incident. Thanks to everyone who helped get me off the trail and figure out what was needed to get me back up and running. I can't wait to go back to Moab as it definitely was a great place to trail.

Till then,


04 D2 Work in Progress

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8 years 7 months ago #741 by Red October
Can't wait for the pics Steve

99 2DR TAHOE-gone but not forgotten


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