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2010 Elections - Voting Instructions (revised)

21 Dec 2009
VoteHello to all AZLRO members. Your current Council has voted unanimously to restart the Council voting process as of Monday morning 11 January 2010. The following measures were enacted by unanimous vote in response to requests for structure and clarification.
  1. All votes made by 8 January 2010 will be thrown out and members who voted will be asked to recast their vote.
  2. Present Council members and their intentions are as follows --
    • Leo Martinez is stepping down and not interested in serving in 2010
    • Jayson Stangel is stepping down and not interested in serving in 2010
    • Rob Modica is willing to serve again -- Rob is the current Membership Secretary.
    • Marilyn Moyer-Ward is willing to serve again -- Marilyn is the current Treasurer.
    • Matt White is willing to serve again.
  3. Any dues paying member may choose to run for a seat on the Council simply by stating that fact in an email to the list. Please do so by 5pm Sunday 10 January 2010, as voting will begin again on Monday 11 January 2010. Current members who have stated their interest to serve on the Council in 2010 are:
    • James Howard
    • Doug Lawyer
    • Craig Ludwig
    • Chad Manz
    • Shaun McDonald
    • Rob Modica
    • Marilyn Moyer-Ward
    • Matt White
    • Rob Woodward
    Write-ins are accepted. All of the following members are elegible to vote and receive votes: Onodera, Glenn Anderson, James & Sonia Arave, Valerie Asbury, Nick Barrios, Jesse Blair, Lance Calhoun, Sandra Cardoza, Geoff Christensen, Jon Coulter, Jill & Steve Daniels, Eric Felix, David Fink, Amy Flattley, Rita Gray, Casey Gregory, Ian & Lille Hameed, Azim Hemphill, Ryan Howard, James & Kelly & Grace Jewett, Joshua & Julie Kaufer, Steve Kelly, Annie LaBlanc, Pierre Lachey, Michael & Mandy Lawyer, Doug & Rachel Ludwig, Craig & Anjanette Manz, Chad Martinez, Leo McDonald, Mike & Susan, Gillian, A.J. McDonald, Shaun McKibbin, Chuck Modica, Rob Morgan,Scott Moyer-Ward, Marilyn Moyer, Ted Nesbitt, Thomas Newman, Lawrance Nichols, Kimberly Odgear, Steve Ortiz, Carol Palma (Palmameneses) Luis & Maasady -- Mateo Pladgeman, Martin Pollock, Andrew Rafka, Frank & Kathy Rhomberg, Andreas Rowley, Jon Schwartz, David & Lynn Silva, Ricardo Stangel, Jayson Thomas, Stephen Tillman, Jim Velasquez, Mateo White, Matt Woodward, Rob
  4. Voting will begin on Monday 11 January 2010 and continue through Sunday 24 January 2010. The list of candidates will be on the voting instructions web page ( All dues paying members are eligible and encouraged to vote.
  5. Send your email ballot with
    1. your name
    2. the five people you are voting for
    to by Sunday Jan 24th.
  6. Election results will be published via email and on the homepage of the club web site by Monday 25 January 2010.
Thank you for your feedback and participation. Your 2009 AZLRO Council
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AZLRO promotes safe off-road driving, supports the "Tread Lightly" program is active in maintaining access for off-road driving as we explore all the great state of Arizona has to offer.

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