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Club News

2011 Council Voting Begins

5 Jan 2011
Hello to all AZLRO members. It is time to vote for the new council. Voting started Monday morning January 24th 2011.

Ballots Received so far: 21

The following measures were enacted for structure and clarification of the voting process.

Council Voting Instructions

  1. Any dues paying member may choose to run for a seat on the Council simply by stating that fact in an email to the list, or replying to this forum post. Please do so by 5pm Sunday January 24th 2011, as voting will begin on Monday January 24th 2011.
  2. Voting will begin on Monday January 24th 2011 and continue through Sunday February 6th 2011. The list of candidates will be on the voting instructions web page ( All dues paying members are eligible and encouraged to vote.
  3. Send your email ballot with the following:
    1. Your name
    2. The 5 people you are voting for
    Please email to by February 6th.
  4. Election results will be published via email and on the homepage of the club web site by Monday February 7th 2011. All new council members will start their terms directly after the 2011 rally.
Club members who have expressed interest in serving on the council (listed alphabetically)

I would like to throw my hat into the ring and stand as a candidate in this year’s council election.

My association with Land Rover vehicles stretches back over 30 years and I have owned or driven them most of my life. I have been a member of the club since I first settled here in AZ from the UK back in early 2002.

In my time in the club I have seen it go through a number of changes and challenges, however due to the hard work of the current and previous councils and committees we have some great things going on in the club today with the Rally only getting bigger and more successful every year, the new web site and so on. These things help us to strengthen and grow, to attract new members or partnerships but I also think we need to reestablish or put some consideration back into some of the basics of why a club such as ours exists. Things such as regular posted trail runs, social gatherings or functions and that sort of thing. Things that bring the members together so that they can meet others of a similar mind or go out and explore the fantastic spaces that our state has to offer and the capabilities of the vehicles we all share and enjoy.


I would be honored to be on the council again. I can’t believe this past year pasted so quickly. It has been an exciting past year helping with all the club changes like the website, new logo, rally, etc. I would love to be a part of 2011 council again and look forward improving and growing the club.

Hello fellow AZLRO members - I would like your vote to be a council member.

I have enjoyed the challenges and opportunities presented over the last year to grow our club and membership. I think we have a great group of individuals with a lot of passion and I look forward to meeting you all on the dirt!


I would also like to be a council member. I have been an active Land Rover enthusiast since April of 2000. I have no plans to ever sell my Range Rover for a rock buggy or motorcycle nor do I plan on moving outside of Arizona.

For me the Land Rover is a vehicle that takes you places ordinary vehicles are not able to get to. And it's more than just a great 4x4. They become a family member. You always want it healthy and there with you.

It's not about conquering the boulder field for me. It's about traveling the back roads, the trails, seeing the beauty of the landscapes beyond the highways that most people only see in magazines. It's about camping, adventure, meeting great people, passing along the knowledge that I have about the vehicles to others and having fun along the way.

I would like to help grow the membership, help get the North Scottsdale Land Rover store to become a more active participant in the Arizona Land Rover community, help make the Arizona Land Rover Rally bigger and better each year, have more Land Rover events including trail runs but other events as well, increase the skill set of our members, help members build up their version of the perfect Land Rover and again have fun along the way.

Chad Manz

1991 Range Rover Hunter

Let's throw my name into the hat... I frequently attend club runs and monthly meetings and stay active on the azlro forum. I am part of the 2011 rally planning committee. In addition, I've participated with trail area clean-ups to help maintain our trails.

Shaun McDonald

I would like to throw my name in the hat for consideration.

I've been involved in someway with the off-road community since the early 80's and joined the AZLRO in 2005 when I moved to Tucson from Syracuse. While I've owned some type of 4 wheel drive truck since I was old enough to drive, I brought my first LR in 2001. At that time I was involved with Border to Border and in 2002, was one of the founding members of ROXS (Rover Owners expedition Society, What I can add is experience from the expedition side of Land Rover ownership, gained from organizing and supporting multi-truck, multi-week driving expeditions across North America and Mexico. We strived to find the road not so much less travelled, but the road "NOT" travelled.

I also have a considerable amount of mechanical/fabrication experience with Land Rovers and here's a quick breakdown of current projects:
2001 D2. Axle swap and suspension build
1983 Defender 110 SW, engine swap and re-build with Mike Mcdonald
1983 Defender 110 Pick up, my daily driver

Some of the experience I have outside of the 4 wheel drive world include extensive backcountry experience from working 16 years as a climbing ranger/paramedic and as a Ice Climbing instructor back East.. Some of my other exploits include summiting Denali (Mt. McKinley) twice, once in 1982 and again in 1998 and 2 attempts at Aconcagua in Argentina in 1999 and 2000 and several 14,000' footers in the Rockies.

The council to date has done an excellent job and would be proud to help carry on that tradition. Thanks for the opportunity.

It is hard to believe it has already been a year and its voting time again. This past year has been quite an experience and a real privilege for me to serve as a representative on the AZLRO club council. Should you so choose, I would be honored to serve another term and to continue to help move the club forward in the coming year.

Thank you for your consideration,

According to club records, here is a list of paying members that are eligible for a council seat. These same members are welcomed and encouraged to vote. (list names)

Ludwig, Craig & Anjanette
Mookerja, Gem
Moyer-Ward, Marilyn
McDonald, Shaun
Rowley, Jon
LaBlanc, Pierre
Modica, Rob
Kelly, Albert
Gregory, Ian & Lille
Manz, Chad
Lawyer, Doug & Rachel
Brummond, Doryne
Foster, Warren
Barton, Daniel
Pollock, Andrew
Bhalla, Puneet
Peterman, Lloyd
Perry, Brandt
Flores, Mario
Love, Brian
Howard, Dave
Phillips, John
Bryant, Russ
White, Matt
Flattley, Rita
Dumler, George
Schmitt, Justin
Osete, Martin
Powell, Chuck
Anderson, James & Sonia
Rafka, Frank & Kathy
Barrios, Jesse
McDonald, Mike & Susan, Gillian, A.J.
Schauf, Brad
Rhomberg, Andreas
Stangel, Jayson
Rooker, Todd
Volpe, James & Claire
Martinez, Leo
Corder, John
Kaufer, Steve
Woodward, Rob
Howard, James & Kelly & Grace
Pladgeman, Martin
Solomon, Armando
Hameed, Azim
Moyer, Ted
Odgear, Steve
Tillman, Jim
Velasquez, Mateo
Christensen, Jon
Fink, Amy
Daniels, Eric
Hemphill, Ryan
Alvarez, Jess
Tracy, Jerry
Taylor, Steve
Schieffer, Roy
Mancini, Richard

Current Council Members
James Howard
Doug Lawyer
Craig Ludwig
Rob Modica
Rob Woodward

Thanks and good luck to everyone.

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