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11 Mar 2015

Welcome to version 4.0.

This is the fourth major overhaul of this web site, we've tried to improve upon our past endeavors in several areas.

Hopefully our members and guests will find this latest iteration a bit more spacious, timely, and friendly, especially on mobile devices.

The things we wanted to address included multiple log-ins, membership renewals, better photo management (a process still ongoing), improved social media integration, and better management of member-only areas, specifically with regard to the hosting of gps tracks that we'd like to share amongst our dues paying members.

NOTE TO MEMBERS: When you attempt to log in to the new site for the first time, you will receive an email with an activation key to access the member areas of the web site.

Another big new feature is the Member Social area - AZLRO's own smaller version of Facebook, where members have their own customizable homepage and can post their latest photos, activities, and updates. 

To address some of the areas in need of improvement, here's what we've done.


Multiple log-ins & the forum
We've migrated to a new forum management software, leaving our old board (phpbb3) in favor of a forum software (Kunena) that integrates much better with our user & content management software. We were able to retain all our posts, and most of the image attachments, although some of those are still being 'retrofitted' so that they appear properly in old posts. We did lose some things, like a members total post count, and presently a lot of the emoticons don't display properly on those older posts, but those are all things that shouldn't be too difficult to correct in the future.

We're still in limbo with regard to a separate log-in for the photo gallery. Hopefully, members will test out the Member Social area and we'll see if that can supplant and surpass our previous photo gallery.

Membership Renewals
We're still working on this, but in the near future, members will be able to renew for multiple years with a discount, or, if their hearts so desire, to sign up for a lifetime membership! Members should now also get more than one email reminder that their membership is about to expire, and, once expired, they should still be able to log in to renew (a problem in the past).

Member Only Content
Version 4.0 will provide better content management, including the ability to attach GPX/KMZ/GPS files associated with specific trails, which will only be available to dues-paying members. Also improved is the public/private forum management - so guests might be able to view some forum content but need to become members in order to post or reply.

This version of is responsive so it will play much better with mobile devices by displaying content specifically designed for those specific devices. 

Some areas where we might not have been able to make a clean transition:

  • When making the transition, we may have missed getting all of the most recent forum posts transferred over. 
  • Some new 'guest' users (who created an account on but are not dues paying members yet) may not have been moved over and will most likely have to create a new account. Apologies to all you new visitors and guests.
  • Some recent members & recently renewed members may have experienced multiple emails telling them their membership was about to expire. Sorry for the confusion, and if you have any questions regarding your membership status, please ask
  • Content issues: some content sections don't appear during various stages of log-in status. We're working to resolve this as soon as possible.

The Photos section - we're working on transferring the old photo gallery and exploring the potential of social area of the new web site. Content permissions and member only areas are also still underway.

Please post any comments you may have in the forum, specifically in either the 'Feature Request' topic or the 'Bugs, issues, and technical problems' topic. You might want to hold off for a little while before posting any bugs, as those are still being ironed out during the launch phase.

Those are the highlights to the new version of azlro - we hope you enjoy it! 


AZLRO promotes safe off-road driving, supports the "Tread Lightly" program is active in maintaining access for off-road driving as we explore all the great state of Arizona has to offer.

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