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Club News

20 Dec 2007
As of 12/19, the azlro email list suffered a critical error and went offline. The list host has restored the servers but any previous subscribers will have to resubscribe. In the meantime, I'm looking at hosting the listserv on the server to try to consolidate everything. Stay tuned for updates.

13 Dec 2007
With 21 votes received, the results for the AZLRO council are:

Leo Martinez (20)
Mike McDonald (20)
Jayson Stangel (19)
Rob Modica (15)

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12 Dec 2007
As of 12:01 am December 13th, the voting deadline for submitting club members to be considered for the AZLRO council officially expired. Votes are being tabulated and results will be posted soon.

9 Dec 2007
Submit 5 AZLRO member names to serve on the AZLRO council.

Send your vote to the council vote email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Click through for a roster of eligible members.

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16 Jul 2007
With Ford selling off parts of its Premium Automotive Group (PAG) one at a time, it remains uncertain if Land Rover and Jaguar will end up under the same ownership in the future. In the meantime, Land Rover is collaborating with Jaguar on a future flagship model that will draw on Jaguar's expertise to produce a new Range Rover with a lighter-weight construction that could expand both upmarket and down.
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2 Dec 2007

Each official club member will be allowed to submit 5 names for the AZLRO council. The five individuals with the most votes will be elected to the council.

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24 Jun 2007
Ford isn't wasting any time or taking any chances with the sale of Jaguar and Land Rover. The Blue Oval has hired accounting firm KPMG to go over the English carmakers' books to get them in shape for sale. Specifically, KPMG is tasked with getting the automaker's financial paperwork ready for examination by potential buyers, and to give 'a clear picture of Jaguar and Land Rover's performance as businesses separate from the influence of Ford.' KMPG's duties will also include looking at the companies' pension liabilities. Through it all, Ford has still not declared outright whether it actually intends to sell the brands.

[source: and]

24 Nov 2007
Lucky Brits:

Gaydon, Warwickshire, 21 November 2007 Land Rover will celebrate its 60th anniversary with a new special edition of the iconic Defender the SVX.

The Land Rover Defender SVX was unveiled for the first time by Zara Phillips at the British Red Cross Ball in London earlier this evening. The world's first SVX has been donated by Land Rover UK to the British Red Cross to auction at the ball.

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19 Jun 2007
From Brandweek/Adweek: a new marketing campaign for Land Rover that leaves a bad taste in our mouth. Ad agency Young & Rubicam Brands took the Land Rover LR3 to actual disaster areas and filmed it among the wreckage to create spots that present the SUV as a 'hero car'. The campaign's theme is called 'Created for the one,' the idea being that the Land Rover LR3 was designed to handle that one unexpected event like a snowstorm, flood or hurricane.
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22 Oct 2007
2007 Arizona Land Rover Rally

Visit the official site to register and get more information:

Registration Deadline - Please register no later than October 15, 2007 to ensure a spot.

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15 May 2007
Imagine you're overweight. A friend of yours tells you about a diet he got great results from. If you do the one simple thing he did, you'll lose around 1,000 pounds. You'd try it, wouldn't you? That's what's in store for the next generation Range Rover, with plans to give the Posh-UV an all-aluminum chassis.
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25 Jul 2007
It's had a lot of challengers, and to stay at the top, Land Rover has been rolling out consistent updates to its flagship Range Rover model. Last year it was the upgraded engines: the 305-hp 4.4-liter V8 and the supercharged 400-hp 4.2-liter V8. For this year, the Range Rover gets upgrades to the interior and to its traction systems.
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8 May 2007
Over the past half century Land Rovers have become synonymous with naturalists and peacekeepers the world over. The Land Rover factory in Solihull, England turned out the first of those famous off-road vehicles 59 years ago and yesterday, the four millionth example of the breed rolled out the plant and into the hands of the Born Free Foundation. Since these vehicles have so often been used explore and film nature, the historic model will be used to help preserve it.
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AZLRO promotes safe off-road driving, supports the "Tread Lightly" program is active in maintaining access for off-road driving as we explore all the great state of Arizona has to offer.

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