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1 Jan 2007
Land Rover's Freelander 2 has been crowned SUV of the Year by BBC Top Gear at the magazine's annual awards celebration hosted by Jeremy Clarkson. First unveiled at the British International Motor Show in London earlier this year, the Freelander 2 is on sale this month, and already, 1,500 of the new models have been sold.
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29 Dec 2006
The pic isn't anything official from Solihull, but it is reportedly based on reality. The fine fellows at Jalopnik found this little Rangie, which looks to be about the same size as the VW Tiguan. We're digging the exoskeleton look with bold Rover family cues like the large vents ahead of the doors.
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14 Dec 2006
Smacking their foreheads and uttering, 'We could have had a V8!' Land Rover is apparently considering an LR2 Sport of sorts, according to Edmund's Inside Line. Why not, when you already have a V8 engine like the Yamaha 4.4-liter V8 from the Volvo XC90/S80 in the corporate warehouse? The plan is feasible as the engine swap would be pretty straightforward. The Freelander 2 LR2 shares many subplatforms with the Volvos.
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10 Nov 2006
I've finally gotten around to integrating the photo gallery into the design scheme of the rest of the site. It finally looks like part of the family. Enjoy!
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28 Aug 2006
The investment group at which Jacques Nasser is senior partner for mergers and acquisitions is in talks with the former Ford CEO's ex-employer to purchase Jaguar and Land Rover, according to four people said to be familiar with the situation by Bloomberg.
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17 Oct 2006
Hopefully the potential dispersal of the Ford Premier Group won't affect this wonderful Jaguar/Land Rover collaboration that is being rumored. By borrowing aluminum (aluminium?) expertise from Jaguar, future Land Rovers could be as much as 1,000 pounds lighter than current models. Utilizing Jaguar's rivet-bonded aluminum monocoque body design, Land Rover could continue to build large luxury SUVs that are lighter and return even better fuel economy.
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25 Jun 2006
Last night at a WTA party in London, Maria Sharapova, tennis star and Land Rover spokesperson, gave attendees the first look at the completely redesigned Land Rover Freelander 2 (LR2 in the US). Sharapova drives a Range Rover when she's at home in the States.

The new Freelander is a significant departure from the model it's replacing. While the original Freelander sold well in Europe, it didn't perform nearly as well in the US. That should change, however, with the introduction of the Freelander 2/LR2.

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13 Oct 2006
I have a 1989 land rover range rover for sale
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29 May 2006
That stalwart icon of Land Rover all-terrain capability, the Defender, will be with us at least until 2010. What Car? reports that the legendary 4x4 is slated to receive major updates starting next spring that could carry the boxy off-roader well into the next decade.
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10 Oct 2006
This November, Land Rover will begin the sale of an updated Range Rover Sport that will come equipped with either a 2.7-liter, turbo-diesel V6, or a new TDV8 that produces 40-percent more power and torque than its six-cylinder brethren. Only you can't have either, because they'll only be available in Europe.
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26 May 2006
Land Rover has announced that the 2007 edition of the Range Rover will replace last year's 3-liter BMW-sourced diesel with a new V8 turbodiesel.
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19 Sep 2006
Looking for a good home for my 73 series III
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25 May 2006
The debut of Land Rover's replacement for the aging Freelander to be dubbed the LR2 appeared in Detroit. We figured it would pop up eventually at the British Motor Show in July, Paris Motor Show at the end of September or the newly rescheduled L.A. even later. But it seems the upscale mini-ute is ready for its close up as these leaked brochure pages suggest. We can't glean any details from the images as the resolution is a bit too low for the text to be read. LR3-inspired styling, a more upmarket interior and a pair of moonroofs looks like a good place for the new LR2 to pick up where its underachieving predecessor left off.
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