Trails, Trails, and more Trails


Pre-running is well under way - our Trail Leaders love to be prepared on the trail, so we run 'em before we lead 'em!

Below is a list of planned trails and their Trail Leaders for the Rally, along with linked photos from previous treks.

Trail List:

Trail Fri Trail Leader Sat Trail Leader Sun Trail Leader Pix
Mt. Lemmon/Peppersauce Jon   Val  
Rice Peak   Pierre Steve K  
Archeological Tour   Chuck    
Willow Springs Rd Chuck   Jon  
Catalina Ridge Tr Pierre   Bill Burke  
Bill Burke's Wild Adventure Bill Burke      
Cochie Canyon   Gem  Doug  
Kentucky Camp Craig Doug    
Gunsight Pass   Bob    
Copper Creek/Blue Bird Mine James & Kelly Steve O    
Charouleau Gap Ryan Ian Gem  
Chimney Rock  Bob Bill Burke    
Chivo Falls Gem Ryan Rob  
Sutherland Trail Shaun  Chad