October 31st, 2008. The day I killed my 1989 Range Rover. It survived 8 years, 6 months and 20 days in my possession. 100% operator error. I felt like I killed a family member.

Well, shit. I killed it.

At least the winch cable looks nice.

Good time to lube the drive shafts, makes it easy.

Oh man, I really jacked up my INTI roof rack.

Dang, look at where the shackle landed, right on the top fence rail!

Wonder what that cost...never heard a word about it. I think because someone took out the entire fence a short time after.

The recovery team has arrived.

Yes, two winches were used to pull it forward off the fence.

Then we had to pull it away from the lamp post so we could get it back on all four.

Wow, the rack doesn't look that bad from this angle.

Almost looks like I could drive it home. I don't think I even tried to start it.

Poor snorkel. Poor Rovie. So sorry my friend.

Cleaner, but ouch.

It's over for poor ol' Rover.

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