These parts were sold as a collection in November, 2021.

Super Rare Range Rover Classic Dual Spot Lamp Vertical Grill Collection.

The collection, as shown above included the following:

(1) NOT MUC8485* / 390162* (Not actual part numbers) Dual Spotlight Vertical Grille / Grill (plastic)
(1) PRC4337 RH Indicator Housing (metal)
(1) PRC4338 LH Indicator Housing (metal)
(1) AEU1609 LH Indicator Lens (plastic)
(1) AEU1610 RH Indicator Lens (plastic)
(2) Spotlight Trim Rings (plastic)
(6) Mounting Screws (metal)
(6) Mounting Springs (metal)
(6) Mounting Wing Nuts (metal)

(1) MUC6308 / 390744 RH Headlight Surround (metal)
(1) MUC6309 / 390745 LH Headlight Surround (metal)
(2) Carello 455 Spotlight Lenses (glass)
(2) Yellow LED Bulbs

I sourced these parts globally over 6 years to install on my NAS 1991 Range Rover Classic Hunter. However, due to my custom RoverTym / RTE-Fab front bumper and Superwinch Husky 10 mounting completely different than the stock bumper, I would have had to cut the grille to make it fit and I was not willing to cut or modify this super rare and valuable part. So after much deliberation I ended up selling the entire collection as a package on eBay in November, 2021.

The original Carello 455 bulbs that came with the grill were cracked and rusty so I sourced new Carello 455 bulbs from Italy. I sourced new matching headlight surrounds from the UK. To complete the collection I sourced used left and right indicators from a Dutch registered Range Rover Classic that was here in Phoenix, Arizona. The indicator lenses did not have any cracks. One indicator lens was labeled LUCAS and the other was not. The indicator lenses appeared to be the same age, color and design. Some of the black border on the lenses had faded away. The grille arrived to me with a crack at the top middle and had been repaired with JBWeld (epoxy). The mounting hardware for the Carellos spent over 2 weeks in a parts cleaner filled with walnut shells and after looked very good for their age.

These parts were sold as a collection in November, 2021.

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