NAS Range Rover Classic Towing Safety

Three months after I drove my 1991 Range Rover Hunter from Wisconsin to Arizona I was sitting behind it eye level with the hitch. And I just happened to notice something. Behind the rear bumper there was a crack at the top of the factory weld of the receiver hitch. I immediately knew exactly when that happened: towing my fully (over?) loaded Intech Flyer Pursue camp trailer through Nebraska in a construction zone where I hit a bump in the pavement and heard a loud pop. Fortunately there was no additional carnage other than the crack in the weld. What I didn't realize until later, was that it was extremely likely the hitch I had installed was what ultimately made it happen.

This was the hitch style I towed my trailer with. DO NOT USE a ball hitch that looks like this. It extends out too far per Land Rover's specification. From connecting pin to ball should not exceed 9" (228mm). Land Rover also specifies a drop of no more than 3" (76mm).


The crack from using the above style hitch.



Mike of Edgefinder made the expert repair and even strengthed it to be stronger than stock.

Page 63 of the 1991 Range Rover Hunter Owner's Manual.

Page 130 of the 1991 Range Rover Hunter Owner's Manual.

Page 131 of the 1991 Range Rover Hunter Owner's Manual.

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