Because there are no factory tie downs in the RRC I looked at a number of potential options for securing my Wavian jerry cans, Pelican cases and other cargo. I opted for a clean budget friendly installation of used GM tie-downs that I removed from some junkyard Suburbans, Tahoes and Yukons. There are two types of these. The ones I used are from late 1990s and early 2000s models. There's a year in which GM decided to make the triangular rings much thinner. It probably does not matter which ones you use, but there are differences based on the age of the part. Only the thinner ones are available brand new.

If you install some you can place them anywhere you want. I used stainless steel hardware and lots of silicone to make sure the holes were waterproof and prevent corrosion. Make sure to use appropriate backing plates.

In the RRC, there are two existing body holes I used between the door and the seat, no drilling necessary. I installed a tie down in both spots. They don't get in the way of the seats and the existing carpet covers them when not in use. I also installed two more to keep my Wavian jerry cans in place. I can fit four Wavian jerry cans side by side between the wheel arch and my ARB refrigerator and they fit perfect there. Add a ratchet strap and the Wavian jerry cans remain in position nicely. I haven't installed any additional tie-downs yet as my cargo placement has been very dynamic to the point I just haven't decided where or how many additional I will install.

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