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  • Robert Lanktree created a new topic ' 2021 Art Calendars featuring Land Rover Art' in the forum.

    I was appalled by a calendar given out by a vendor for 2020 touting the calendars as Land Rover related. Needless to say, it was largely a dog calendar.  Not this calendar, every single month is a piece of Land Rover artwork done by my hand in MS paint with a mouse. Largely similar to drawing it by hand. The calendars are titled, The Things They Have Done and are available now for $25 unsigned, or $30 signed plus postage which has proven to be a minimum of $7.50 (after sending two within the Phoenix general area). I include the cover and a couple sample pieces of art below. Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (also my address on paypal) or message me through facebook and we will get you taken care of. I sign each month of the calendar as they can be used later as pieces of art on their own.

    Robert Lanktree
    Discovery 1 original owner


  • Robert Ward created a new topic ' defender side step' in the forum.

    looking for a used or new, folding defender side step.


  • samuel created a new topic ' New member downtown phoenix' in the forum.

    Hi everyone!
    So exited to learn and experience my love for rovers with all of you.


  • Renee Murray commented on DAVID BOSEN's album

    2 months ago

    That is a gorgeous 110 you have!

  • Renee Murray
    2 months ago

    Fell in love with the Defender while deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Saw what they were going for in the US and my dream was shot down. Little did I know however, I would go to the UK and be blown away on how cheap they were! Long story short and well many, many British Pounds later, I have my fine Land Rover Defender here in Arizona from the UK. 1994 Land Rover Defender 300 TDI.

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