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Kyle Winfree

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015 19:24
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  • Kyle Winfree replied to the topic 'Discovery Opinions' in the forum.

    I certainly like my D2. The D1 does have a pretty small trunk.


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    3 years ago

  • Kyle Winfree replied to the topic 'Call for Council Nominees 2015/16' in the forum.

    Greetings All!
    While new to the group, and new to Land Rover, I beleive I would be a great candidate to represent Northern Arizona. I lived in AZ from 1995 to 2007, then moved to PA, but am moving back to Flagstaff this month! During my first 12 years in Flagstaff, I spent many weekends wheeling in Sedona, Schultz Pass, Mt. Elden, and many other Flagstaff area trails. As an Eagle Scout, I firmly beleive in doing one's best to be prepared, both to deal with trail emergencies and with the right equipment for having fun. Prior to moving to PA, I was an active mountain biker, rock climber, and hiker - all activities I would love to return to. Further, I've been a ham radio operator for over a decade (KE7CDJ).
    I am not yet a member in good standing, as I have not yet joined the group. I will be doing that shortly, when I figure out exactly how many additional people I need to register for my vehicle at the upcoming WNLRR. I will be joining the AZLRO club officially at that time.


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