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  • koly replied to the topic 'ARB stem-valve tire deflator - FREE TO GOOD HOME' in the forum.

    "Tired" of this device hanging around, and don't want to throw it out. Free to good home - I can deliver to a monthly meeting, or on he trail, or feel free to pick it up - location can be either Cave Creek or Deer Valley Airpark.


  • koly created a new topic ' Anyone in N. Scottsdale/Cave Creek area - need to borrow a trailer' in the forum.

    Weird scenario, but my sister needs to use a trailer for a couple days; a friend is ripping out virtually brand-new carpet and giving it to my sister, but the donor wants a trailer on-site because she's not sure when the flooring people are coming, but once it's removed and put on the trailer, wants it gone in a day or two.

    Since my G-wagen doesn't have a trailer hitch I'm looking  someone in the Cave Creek/N Scottsdale area (just because it's close - if you're not in that area and want to help, I'll take it!)  who could drop the trailer, leave it on site for a couple days, then, reattached, drive about 1 mile to the cargo drop off area for 15 mins while my family unloads the stuff.  

    Beers/dinner/cash are all options to show 
    Looking in the March 24th-27th time frame - any help appreciated!


  • koly is friends with James Howard
  • koly created a new topic ' ARB stem-valve tire deflator' in the forum.

    Make me an offer...


  • koly created a new topic ' 2019 Members Only BBQ' in the forum.

    Reminder - annual club BBQ is March 15th - 17th!

    Our campsite is located in the Grapevine Group, and our campsite is the Heron & Pintail Loops.

    <a href="">REGISTER HERE </a>

    (Must be logged in to AZLRO to register) 


  • koly replied to the topic 'Rio Grande Big Bend Exploration - Trip Report' in the forum.

    Another great adventure and write-up - nice work Dirk.


  • koly replied to the topic 'Northern Rockies Eclipse Trip' in the forum.

    beautiful sites, and another great write up!


  • koly created a new topic ' Mobile car wash/detail' in the forum.

    Anyone have any recommendations? I know we had one for our Car Show last year...


  • koly replied to the topic 'Refrigerator Preference' in the forum.

    I got my scratch and dent 'whynter / edgestar' (rebadged as either one) for $234 (43qt) four or five years ago, and it runs like a champ. If it dies at this point, I'd consider it money well spent.

    They don't have all the bells & whistles of the name brands, but for that price it's worth it.

    it's listed here for $299, and the 63 qt is $301... but they're presently out of stock:


  • koly replied to the topic 'Temporal Gulch' in the forum.

    I believe it's rated 'not-difficult.'

    Glenn, the Trail Leader, should be posting more info soon.

  • koly replied to the topic 'AZ Native in Missouri' in the forum.

    Welcome! Whenever you're headed back to visit AZ, check our events calendar, and maybe you can join us at a monthly meeting or hitch a ride on one of our trail runs.

  • koly replied to the topic 'Scott from Scottsdale :-)' in the forum.

    Great photo - look forward to seeing you on the trail!

  • koly replied to the topic 'New member checking in..' in the forum.

    Hi Joe - Hopefully you've received an email from the event organizer, Doug Lawyer, about when & where to show up... If not, let me know and I'll put you in touch.

  • Robert Ward thanks user 'koly' in the forum message ' Inaugural AZLRO Car Show - Thank you participants'.
  • koly created a new topic ' Inaugural AZLRO Car Show - Thank you participants' in the forum.

    Thanks to everyone who participated and attended, and a special thank you to our sponsors:


    A big thank you to our Trail Leaders for attending and showing up in uniform - really shows off the professionalism of our club and makes it easy for newer people to know who they can talk to with questions or for more information about the club.

    And thank you to Carlos for organizing and the vehicle placards, and Dave & Pierre for yoeman's work on the grill and the Costco runs.

    I've added my photos - I think I got one of every vehicle that was on display... If anyone would like a higher-rez version, let me know - I scaled these down quite a bit for the web. Kevin from Rov-N-Techs also grabbed some roof-top pix to get a better scale of the 34+ participants! Feel free to add your own photos:

    Thanks again for making it a great event.


  • koly replied to the topic 'New River Canyon / Table Mesa' in the forum.

    So far 8 vehicles, which will add some time, and then it depends on how long we want to enjoy lunch on the big rocks... barring any unforeseen incidents, I expect us to get to I-17 at the Table Mesa exit between 3-4.

  • koly created a new topic ' FS: Red Series in Breckenridge, CO' in the forum.

    No affiliation - I'm vacationing in Beck and came across this vehicle. If anyone's interested, I'll get the phone number.

    [File Attachment: IMG_6987.jpg]

  • koly replied to the topic 'sycamore creek night drive' in the forum.

    If you go to the main 'photos' section, (you'll have to create another user account because our photo gallery uses different software - but you can create the photo account using your same user/pass). After you're account is created, I'll activate it, and you can upload photos to the main photo gallery.

    Otherwise, when you do a regular 'reply' you can attach images..

  • koly replied to the topic 'sycamore creek night drive' in the forum.

    Post pictures or our assumption that we didn't miss much will prevail (although, with Rob W as your leader, I'm sure there were at least *some* shenanigans).

  • koly created a new topic ' Lego RC D90' in the forum.

    even has working blinkers! Better than the original thing!


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