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My 'Overland Bound' Membership is Official - Vlog #4 - 20-June-2017d

Uploaded By: JB Barger . Category: General . Added on: 21 June 2017.
In this Video:
In this episode we chat about the plans for the "Let's Get Dirty" Vlog, as well as how I intend to proceed in the near future, while also taking time to open the Overland Bound Membership package which arrived in the mail just yesterday. I'm super excited about the membership and I'm looking forward to attaching the OB medallion's on the new/used 2004 Disco, - which should be on its way to me in the next few day's-(oh, yeah, i forgot to mention that I officially announced the purchase of my new-ish Land Rover Overlanding Rig).

As always, your question's, comment's, and suggestion's are welcomed.

Should you be interested in learning more about Overland Bound, you can reach their website at the following link -

Overland Bound YouTube Channel -

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