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Land Cruiser's Invite AZLRO
Saturday February 21st, 2004 08:30 AM
Wilcox, Arizona
Trail Runs (Official)
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Event Description

DETAILS: When: Saturday February 21 Where: Florence Chevron/A&W on AZ79 just north of the prison complex Meeting time: 8:45 with a 9AM pullout Duration: 4 hours round trip to the Cabin, 6-7 hours total trip including the Loop. Trip Leader: All four of us :-) though for contact purposes please feel free to contact me on my cell at 520-975-1723. Equipment: Stock to Martinez Cabin, modified with 33-inch tires and locker(s) and up for Martinez Canyon Loop. 3 AZLCA members (Joe Chott, Steven Schaefer, and myself) and a good friend of mine Scott Brady (he led the recent Crown King Run in the FJ40) will be running Box Canyon to Martinez Cabin, then for those up to an extreme option, the Martinez Canyon Loop. Those not up to the Loop can return the way they came, go out via the Coke Ovens or up and and out via the North part of Box Canyon. Wells off road book is very helpful in this area. For the non-extremists: This is a very popular and scenic run. Box Canyon is short but amazing. Martinez Cabin is awesome with plenty of places for exploration. Both places can be reached in a stock Cruiser though running boards will have to be watched carefully in a few places. For a lifted Cruiser the trip to the Cabin is easy with just enough challenges. Come on this one to enjoy the scenery. Heck, maybe some of us doing the Loop will have empty seats for those wanting a ride????? Trail rating 3.0. For the extremists: The Loop provides BIG rocks and ledges to climb over, some switchbacks, and a very steep downhill (Luge Bypass) that has loose rock (though I've heard this is easier than before because ruts now exist that help hold you in place). If driven carefully I understand that a lifted rig with 33-inch tires AND A LOCKER(S) should be just fine though rock sliders are a must for protection just in case. Steven has been through many times in his 4-Runner. Scott went through in his Wrangler and a buddy in a stock Tacoma TRD Crew Cab (121-inch wheelbase and factory tires!). So, the run is doable but with some risky areas. Many areas have tougher and easier choices throughout the wash. If you've debated running the Loop, THIS IS YOUR DAY TO GO as we have excellent spotters coming along on this trip. Trail rating 4.0+ to 4.5+ depending on your path. We'll also be shooting video on this run and I'd be glad to dub off to the attendees (please bring a blank VHS tape to the run. Thanks!) Trip information and pictures can be found at the following sites:


Martinez Canyon
Martinez Canyon
United States
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Venue Description

There are two parts to this trail, getting to it (the section described here) and running it (see "Martinez Mine Loop"). Getting to it means traveling in normally through Box Canyon and the trail to the Martinez Cabins. The section to the cabins had changed a little due to some extra washouts and some rocks but it’s still not overly difficult. Unlocked trucks might have a little difficulty with getting cross axled in places but should make it through with care. The cabins are still there but the white one has half collapsed and the generator that used to be behind it has now been dragged some distance back to the rocky creek on the way in.
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