Sycamore Creek Trail
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Sycamore Creek offers outstanding views on a moderate to difficult trail. There are a few 'Oh My' obstacles that look much worse than they are as well as some play hills to challenge any Rover.

The trail starts by crossing the dry Sycamore Creek and wandering through a mildly improved area back and forth across the creek to a dry wash. The wash narrows and can be tricky for full sized vehicles without extra clearance. As the trail starts to climb out of the wash the views begin. There are options of varying difficulty to obtain the ridge where stunning views of Four Peaks and the desert are afforded. A windy narrow desert road travels ridges and ravines offering easy to moderate off-roading.

Shortly after a steep decent into a wash a wall like obstacle is reached. It is easy to drive by because it is a slab of granite that does not resemble the road. A great sense of accomplishment is felt for new comers as they conquer this impossible looking obstacle with ease. More easy to moderate terrain follows

After climbing to a saddle with interesting quartz rock a steep twisty decent takes you into another wash. The wash has some small boulders and interesting wheeling. This wash will take you to the exit Lower Sycamore Road. Here you have the opportunity to try numerous play hills some of which shrink to canyons only inches wider than your car.

If you want more adventure, continue down stream in Sycamore Creek until you hit the Verde River. At low flow times, you can cross the river even in a stock Rover. On the other side of the river a seldom used road leads you back to Fountain Hills.

Offers optional play hills and one optional obstacle for those wanting more challenge. It can be run in 3-4 hours depending on the number of vehicles and the usual circumstances. Stock vehicles can run this.
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