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Telegraph Canyon
United States
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The trail is scenic, the difficulty is moderate. Telegraph Canyon is a favorite. This trail begins at Superior, winds up through Telegraph Canyon, Upper Box Canyon, a lunch stop at the abandoned Ajax Mine, and a wild completion over the 'dragonback' ridges. This trail is perfect for the stock Land Rover (or should that be the other way around!), and any difficult spot has an option.

The trail’s main challenges come from the rocky sections at the start of the trail as it proceeds toward Telegraph Canyon and from a narrow pathway at the edge of the shelf road and some deep washouts. Telegraph canyon is fairly wide, surrounded by jagged peaks, and has excellent views in all directions. As the trail winds around the head of the canyon climbing its way up the ridge, the views get better and better. The section of trail before Ajax Mine has some fairly deep washouts that have left a narrow pathway with just enough room to get a full-size vehicle through.



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