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AZLRO Bylaw Amendment on Council elections - Member Vote

19 Nov 2012

12/21/2012 Update

As of December 21st, the proposed amendment passed unanimously.

As proposed by member Ian G, the proposed amendment would change the end date of the council's term to be June 30th of each year.

The proposal has been drafted by the council and is put to the membership for a vote. Read more about the reasoning behind the proposed amendment.

Proposed Amendment

Change Article IX.2 as it exists:
2. Each office term shall last no more than TBD years, and shall end on January 31. amended

To read:
2. Each office term shall last no more than TBD years, and shall end on June 30th.

If this amendment passes, the existing 2012 council would remain in place until the new ending date, extending the current council's seat by 5 months. Should the amendment fail to pass, council elections will be held immediately after the voting deadline.

Voting will from November 21st through December 21st. To vote, send an email to containing the following information by the voting deadline:

1. Your full name
2. your vote ("Aye," "Yea," "Yes" etc if in favor, "No" or "opposed" if opposed)

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