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Recent Trail Run: Sedona

Recent Trail Run: Sedona

29 Nov 2014

Check out the photos from the club's recent run to Sedona.

Trail report from Carlos:

Happy to report a fun day out on the trails with everyone. Most made it, some missed it and hopefully we see them out next time.

As usual, some tools were required to make it through the day, but gladly no major issues. This was all started off by Jimmy James and his 72 Series 3 losing the back section of the exhaust about 20 minutes in. No matter, this was promptly removed and tossed in the back of the series 3.

We then encountered quite a bit of traffic as we made our way down Schnebly Hill Rd. So far so good...until Thomas radioed in that Andrew's rear left tire was going flat. Upon inspection we realized the culprit was a broken piece of a utility knife blade.

So far a proper Rover day...

The tire was repaired and off we were to find lunch. After a brief stop at subway for some to go lunch Pierre was kind enough to take lead onto soldiers pass where lunch was enjoyed along with the wonderful view.

After Soldier's pass we ran Broken Arrow which was fun as always, I got some pretty good footage there of everyone. I will need to edit and post the links once they're uploaded to YouTube.

Pictures are already uploaded. Thanks to Pierre for his help leading the group today!

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves!


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