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Club News

2020/2022 Council Nominees

(listed in alphabetical order by last name)

Voting will run June 15th thru June 30th. This page will link to the ballot-casting page from June 15th through June 30th, and email newsletters reminding you to vote will also be sent out during this time period. You must be a member in good standing (dues paid), and logged in to to cast your ballot.

Craig Collier

Craig has been a AZLRO trail leader for 4 years, he is a Capricorn who enjoys long walks on the beach and cuddling up next to a warm fire on a cold, snowy evening with his beautiful wife Liz (of course after their 4 kids are tucked comfortably into bed). He is pretty much obsessed with anything that has a motor or pedals, but especially insane when it comes to his Land Rover (Beautiful 2004 Discovery 2, 4" lift, 33's, steel bumpers, roof rack/ tent and anything else he can strap to that incredible piece of machinery... I mean, that's the point, right?) Craig would like to help AZLRO take the club to the next level and grow our community so that we can all benefit from the "deep pool of knowledge and resources" that can only come from our amazingly diverse group of members and providing them with family friendly, fun and educational events/ opportunities to just get together and talk about Land Rovers or whatever else fun we all have in common. Oh, and just for the record, it has been proven that Craig is a far superior trail leader to Koly in every way possible, so much so that it's not even to be discussed ever again and just should be officially entered into the AZLRO bylaws. Thank you, and God bless.

Kelly Howard

Way back in the summer of 1995 Kelly went on a date with this guy who owned a 1973 Series III Land Rover. She acted excited about the “Toyota”, so for their first date he took her out on a trail near Flagstaff. Kelly was not very comfortable, she was getting jostled around and didn’t wear the correct attire. The guy was wise enough to recognize that she was not happy. So, he asked her if she wanted to drive. She did and it is questionable who she fell in love with first - the Rover or the guy. Since then she married the guy, James, now her husband of 23 years, and has owned eight Land Rovers.

Within a year, Kelly attended the first AZLRO trail run in Tucson, and soon after purchased her first Range Rover. It was a 1989, and she brought her daughter, Grace, home from the hospital in it. The AZLRO and Land Rovers have always been a family affair for Kelly. She has traveled extensively in her Land Rovers, as far north as British Columbia, as far south as Guatemala and all the way to the east coast of Virginia.

Kelly is one of the founding members of the AZLRO and has been an active member since 1996. She has worked on many of the AZLRO Rallies and was the Chairperson for the 2013 rally. Most of Kelly’s time in the AZLRO she has been leading trails, but became an “official” trail leader at the first trail leader training the club offered. Kelly has been a council member for 2 years.

Kelly’s current daily driver is a red 1992 Range Rover which she occasionally, lets her husband and daughter use.

Bob Kolander

A club member since 1998, I've also run the club's web site ever since I moved to Arizona, and been heavily involved with the club ever since, and have served multiple terms on the council.

Besides designing and running the web site all those years, I've also had the pleasure of designing Rally logos, hats, t-shirts, and stickers for the club; I've been lucky enough to help organize Rallies, the Gila Challenges, and the 2015 Western National Land Rover Rally. I've also had the priviledge to attend our club-sponsored Bill Burke Trail Leader Training along with several other club-sponsored Bill Burke events, which always teach me something and allow me to make new Land Rover friends.

As the webmaster, this last year one of the main focuses of the council has been to improve our web site in several key areas, and made the decision to transition to a completely new publishing platform. Pierre, Kelly, and I have been working behind the scenes to make this happen and are hopefully the new site, when finally launched, will offer lots of new features that members have been asking about for a while.

I miss both my D90 and Rane Rover Classic, and I currently drive a G-Wagen for my offroading adventures, but I, along with millions of others, eagerly await the ever-upcoming release of the new Defender, which is just starting to hit our shores.

It would be a priviledge to continue my role on the council.

Pierre LeBlanc

Celebrating 12 years with this wonderful group, I joined AZLRO in 2008 and progressively became more involved over the years. I am a current council member and act as treasurer and trail master. Recently, acted as chairperson for the AZLRO rally at Goldfield in fall of 2017. It would be my pleasure to return for another term on the council and am looking forward to serving you with my co-council.

Andrew Pollock

My first experience driving a Land Rover was in 1962 in Victoria, BC Canada. My roommate at the time owned a Series 1 and I was able to use it pretty much any time. Needless to say I was impressed beyond belief!!

Unfortunately 38 years would pass before I purchased my first LR.

Shortly after my retirement in March of 2000 I bought a new 2000 Kent green Discovery 11. In 2007 I bought a 2006 LR3 and in January 2017 I bought my current 2012 LR4. I have logged just under 400K miles on the three of them.

Even though we were living between Colorado and Arizona I joined AZLRO in early 2010. Over the intervening years I have enjoyed the camaraderie, events and professionalism of the club.

Now that Joan and I are back living in Arizona full time, I feel it’s time for me do some payback for all the great times we’ve had in the club.



AZLRO promotes safe off-road driving, supports the "Tread Lightly" program is active in maintaining access for off-road driving as we explore all the great state of Arizona has to offer.

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