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27 Dec 2007 0 Category: News
AZLRO is going to change from its old email list and will now be using a Yahoo! Group to handle the email list and its associated archives.

You can sign up to the new Yahoo Group here:

30 Dec 2007 0 Category: News
The council has decided to announce the vote as it stood at 11:59 pm on Dec. 19th:

Erik M received 8 votes. Chad M received 6 votes.

Congratulations to Erik and his new spot on the council.

17 Dec 2008 0 Category: News
Updated voting process: Here is the process that will be utilized to elect AZLRO council members for 2009. It is the same process as last year:

24 Dec 2008 0 Category: News
We received 20 ballots from active members during the voting period, December 5th thru the 22nd.

Congratulations to the 2009 Council Members:
Leo Martinez
Mike McDonald
Rob Modica
Marilyn Moyer-Ward
Jayson Stangel

8 Mar 2009 0 Category: News
Some of you may remember late last year that we discussed donating $500 from club funds generated from the rally to a charitable organization. After discussing this with Phoenix and Tucson members, the desire was to donate to an organization that supported keeping trails open. Just before Chirstmas, the council discussed another option of donating the funds to a charity to help people in need given the severity of the depressed economy and unemployment conditions in both Tucson and Phoenix.