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21 Nov 2003 0 Category: News
Yes, now members can add their upcoming adventures and events to the club web site. Using the new add your own adventure page, members can now directly contribute their events, enhancing an already robust section where we try to spend most of our time - on the trail.

11 Dec 2003 0 Category: News
Land Rover has released an online, Global Technical Resource.

You are required to register, and many of the services have subscriptions costs, but recall information and other technical bulletins are free.

21 Dec 2003 0 Category: News
I found my old archives from the version 2 site, and was able to fill in a bunch of missing data from many of the old trips. Also added were a lot of additional pictures to those old events.

10 Feb 2004 0 Category: News
For those of you with 99-04 Disco IIs, you might find this interesting.

LRNA is apparently going to be putting out a recall on the ABS modulator valve covers and bolts.

This is what I had happen to me back in September or so. Trust me, it was not fun trying to limp the truck to the dealer.

19 Feb 2004 0 Category: News
By AUTOWEEK Land Rover dropping Discovery name in U.S.

Land Rover has discovered that, at least in the United States, its Discovery name doesn't carry the same go-anywhere meaning and brand value as it does in other parts of the world. As a result, when the all-new, next-generation Discovery SUV arrives on these shores late this year, its Stateside moniker will be Land Rover LR3. Discovery will continue as a nameplate elsewhere in the world where Land Rovers are sold, but in the States the company plans to focus more attention on the established Land Rover marque than on the vehicle's nameplate.