CB Installation

I chose the Uniden Bearcat PC78LTW CB Radio because of it's unique ability to filter out the engine noise of the Range Rover. I paired it with the Wilson 1000 roof mount antenna.
Where it all began on my 1989 Range Rover. The antenna is mounted directly over the rear dome light. For my 1991 Range Rover I installed the antenna in the middle of the roof.

The Wilson 1000 antenna, very cleanly installed on a perfect ground plane. The Wilson Antenna has taken quite a beating from tree branches, parking garages and more in that time. I'm happy to say, it works as good as ever, the mount is in perfect condition and could be protected by a roof rack.

The first mounting place of choice and convenience. The before picture.

A masterpiece in progress and a death sentence for the center console.

Almost done!

Over time I found that this was a bad location for the CB. With the rear seats folded forward they pressed up against the CB and thus the rear panel of the center console broke. The CB is now mounted to the roof facing forward along with my Yaesu 8800. It's a far improvement over the console location and there is even a crossmember to mount to so I did not have to drill through the roof itself. The only quirk with this location for me is that when I drive at night and flip the mirror to reduce headlight glare from the rear I can see the CB in the mirror.

It's new home!
Very clean install.
No messy wires.
At night.
I later added a Yaesu 8800 next to the CB in my 1991 RRC Hunter. I did move the CB towards the passenger side when I added the Yaesu. You will also notice I removed the fabric from the headliner.

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