At some point in August of 2020, I believe as a result of my failing fan clutch, I over heated my 1991's original 3.9L engine. Soon after the a headgasket started to leak and by early 2021 both headgaskets were leaking. After 286,000+ miles, simply replacing the headgaskets was no longer a cost effective option. It was now time for either a complete rebuild or an engine swap.

I wanted a CosCast 4.6L block. The first one I found for sale the owner decided to keep. And the second ones I found were extremely high priced and were still raw blocks requiring extensive machining.

As usual my mechanic, Rov-N-Techs, had a solution. They had a less than 12,000 mile 4.2L sitting at the shop. Super low mileage combined with a jaw dropping price, I couldn't say no. So despite really wanting a 4.6L, I had a ultra low mileage 4.2L and only spent 1/5 of my budget.

And wouldn't you know it, 1 week to the day after I picked up my now 4.2L powered 1991 Range Rover hunter, I received an email offering me a 4.6L CosCast.

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