2022/24 Council


Pierre has been an active club member since 2008, and progressive involvement as trail master, council member, treasurer and official AZLRO Seamstress


Steve has been an AZLRO member since 2006 and been on numerous overland adventures. Steve has been a familiar face at nearly all rallies as Trail Leader for over 11 years. Steve planned and organized the original Gila Challenge in 2014 and previously served on the Council.


Craig has been an AZLRO trail leader for 6 years, pictured with his beautiful wife Liz and his Land Rover (Beautiful 2004 Discovery 2, 4″ lift, 33’s, steel bumpers, roof rack/ tent). He is pretty much obsessed with anything that has a motor or pedals


Kelly attended the first AZLRO trail run in Tucson in 1996, and has been an active member ever since. She purchased her first Range Rover in 1996.  She has traveled extensively in her Land Rovers, as far north as British Columbia, as far south as Guatemala and all the way to the east coast of Virginia.  

Kelly has been an AZLRO trail leader for many years. Worked on many club rallies and has been on the council for 4 years.   

Currently she owns a 1992 Range Rover with a broken diff.  


Andrew drove his very first Land Rover in Victoria British Columbia in 1961 when he had access to an old Series,  he was smitten.  
Purchased his first LR when he retired in 2000 a new Discovery 2 followed by a LR3 in 07 and current LR4 in 2017. 
Has been an active member of AZLRO since 2011 and was elected to the council in 2020
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