Renewing your Imported Membership

After importing all our our users and memberships, one interesting thing has emerged. Our new membership model is subscription based, with automatic renewals as we’ve previously announced, $50 to sign up, $50 every year renewed automatically until you cancel. 
Memberships from the old website were one-time memberships and were not able to import as renewing subscriptions.

What this means:

  • Your existing membership rolled over to our new site with the same expiration date as you originally had. 
  • You will not be able to renew this membership ahead of time.
  • You will have to purchase a new membership AFTER your existing membership expires. 
  • Your AZLRO login / user info will remain the same.
  • Once you do, that’s it. You’re all set. 

In the meantime, you can login to the site, and use the menu JOIN AZLRO > My account to view your membership status and expiration date. You can view your subscription under the subscription tab.

Once your membership expires use the menu JOIN AZLRO > Membership Sign Up

Membership with Subscription info:

  • Subscriptions will automatically renew, with your credit card on file each year.
  • You will be notified of it ahead of time in case you want to cancel.
  • Your credit card information is NOT stored on AZLRO servers, but rather with our Secure Payment Processor – Stripe.
  • The subscription is created there, and our membership software is kept in sync.
  • Expired or invalid credit cards will cause you to be notified as well, so you can update it. 
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