Kelly Howard

Kelly Howard

Way back in the summer of 1995 Kelly went on a date with this guy who owned a 1973 Series III Land Rover. She acted excited about the “Toyota”, so for their first date he took her out on a trail near Flagstaff. Kelly was not very comfortable, she was getting jostled around and didn’t wear the correct attire. The guy was wise enough to recognize that she was not happy. So, he asked her if she wanted to drive. She did and it is questionable who she fell in love with first – the Rover or the guy. Since then she married the guy, James, now her husband of 23 years, and has owned eight Land Rovers.

Within a year, Kelly attended the first AZLRO trail run in Tucson, and soon after purchased her first Range Rover. It was a 1989, and she brought her daughter, Grace, home from the hospital in it. The AZLRO and Land Rovers have always been a family affair for Kelly. She has traveled extensively in her Land Rovers, as far north as British Columbia, as far south as Guatemala and all the way to the east coast of Virginia.

Kelly is one of the founding members of the AZLRO and has been an active member since 1996. She has worked on many of the AZLRO Rallies and was the Chairperson for the 2013 rally. Most of Kelly’s time in the AZLRO she has been leading trails, but became an “official” trail leader at the first trail leader training the club offered. Kelly has been a council member for 2 years.

Kelly’s current daily driver is a red 1992 Range Rover which she occasionally, lets her husband and daughter use.

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