Craig Collier

Craig has been a AZLRO trail leader for 4 years, he is a Capricorn who enjoys long walks on the beach and cuddling up next to a warm fire on a cold, snowy evening with his beautiful wife Liz (of course after their 4 kids are tucked comfortably into bed). He is pretty much obsessed with anything that has a motor or pedals, but especially insane when it comes to his Land Rover (Beautiful 2004 Discovery 2, 4″ lift, 33’s, steel bumpers, roof rack/ tent and anything else he can strap to that incredible piece of machinery… I mean, that’s the point, right?) Craig would like to help AZLRO take the club to the next level and grow our community so that we can all benefit from the “deep pool of knowledge and resources” that can only come from our amazingly diverse group of members and providing them with family friendly, fun and educational events/ opportunities to just get together and talk about Land Rovers or whatever else fun we all have in common. Oh, and just for the record, it has been proven that Craig is a far superior trail leader to Koly in every way possible, so much so that it’s not even to be discussed ever again and just should be officially entered into the AZLRO bylaws. Thank you, and God bless.

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