John Edelmann

I actually joined AZLRO before I moved to Phoenix from Chicago. Having been a member in the Chicagoland Rover Club for many years, I knew I was going to be active in the local Land Rover club after we purchased a house in the valley in 2012. I’m sure glad I did. I’ve met some of my closest friends through AZLRO as well as explored some of the most incredible trails and locations in the Western US, Canada, Alaska, Mexico with fellow club members.

I have a love of most things Land Rover. Having had an eclectic mix of classic Land Rovers over the past 30 years, my 1984 110 Dormobile that has been recently rebuilt and modernized is probably the most unique LR I’ve owned. The thing that I love about Land Rover is that it’s an accessible brand. One doesn’t have to buy a $90,000 Range Rover to be in the club. One of my favorite Rovers I own is my 1997 Discovery 1 that I bought for only $2,000. It’s a workhorse, a daily driver, a delivery vehicle, an off-roader and an overlander which successfully trekked me through Baja for a month without issue. It’s got 160,000 miles on the odometer and is barely broken in.

My passion for Land Rover even led me to start Knightsbridge Overland, a business dedicated your making high quality seat covers and interior components for classic Land Rovers. One could say I bleed Keswick Green

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